Monday, December 1, 2008

5 Big, Tall Wishes to Change the World

I was visiting one of my favorite blogs for great decorating ideas, The Inspired Room, and found the link to Cushions and Umbrellas blog. Cushions and Umbrellas is having a great contest called "5 Big, Tall Christmas Wishes to Change the World". I thought it was such a wonderful and inspiring way to spread some Christmas cheer. Here are my 5 wishes:

1. I wish that my two little girls will have a happy, peaceful and magical Christmas surrounded by family and friends and that the true spirit of Christmas will always be with them.

2. I wish for the children that I treat as a pediatric physical therapist will realize their potential and achieve all of their dreams in life. They are truly an inspiration to me and to all those that work with them.

3. I wish for world stability and peace -- financial, political, racial, religious

4. I wish for the ability to relax and enjoy every moment before it flits by!

5. I wish for everyone that is being affected by corporate cutbacks and closings a new, better, exciting opportunity that will put a smile on their face each day!

As part of the contest, I will tag Carrie from "Buzzings of a Queen Bee" because hers is my other favorite blog to read!

What are your 5 wishes??? I would love to hear!


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Wow, thanks for tagging me Princess Mimi! I will be sure to answer the questions soon...I need to think about my answers! :)

CushionsAndUmbrellas said...

Princess Mimi! What a Wonderful List! These times are rough indeed, and my sincere hope is that we all make these big, tall, beautiful wishes during this Christmas time, and change our world for the better!