Thursday, October 16, 2008


I am officially overwhelmed -- unable to find my center, unable to balance all that is happening in my life. I work part-time (20 hours per week) as a pediatric physical therapist. I love my work and LOVE the kids that I work with. Their positive outlook on life and motivation to succeed is contagious! I am a mama!! I have two beautiful girls that are ALL of me. They complete me each in their own little way. I am a wife. I have a supportive husband who loves me to death and picks up everywhere that I leave off. I am a friend, a sister, a daughter and a granddaughter. And now, I am a crafter, a blogger, a mompreneur. I am no different than many mamas out there except that I can't get quite figure out how to balance all of this. The problem -- I can't let any of it go. I am having fun with the crafting even if it is stressing me out more than I ever imagined my "mindless" hobby could. My career pays bills and supports this crazy crafting thing until it can support itself. And the rest -- well, it is what it is -- FAMILY -- it's what's MOST important. My family is my balance and by venting all of this in my blog, maybe I have just had a moment of clarity. The hairbow holders, headbands, and tutus will get done. I am doing the best that I can. For now, I am going to go give my sweet, sleeping girls a kiss on their foreheads and get some shut-eye of my own!


Allison said...

I so agree....I didn't craft at all today, we just played! It was so fun! We all need those moments of clarity. Now I am geared up for a night of sewing while hubby is playing cards.

Joan said...

Oh I could have written this myself. It's difficult every single day to balance. I think the things that have dropped out of my life have been time for me--when you're a wife & mom and run your own business, that IS your time for yourself, isn't it??
Best of luck finding your balance!