Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blogging 101

My new found obsession is blogging. I used to spend hours after the girls went to bed and after giving my wonderful husband a quick kiss, browsing Etsy. Now, I spend hours and hours trying to learn about blogging -- how to attract people to my blog, how to add links, how to add rings (and what a ring was!!!), etc. Wow!!! What and education I needed. I feel so old, so far behind the times, but I am learning. I have started a list of my favorite blogs. I visit them for inspiration on layout and content. My favorite is Sara Tams' blog. She offers great advice on blogging and business promotion. And, on a side note, she has absolutely gorgeous stationary too! Visit her blog and you will find a link to her new website!


elleabelle said...

A good way too is to add "follow me" into your layout (email me if you need help!) and start following people. They will most likely follow you back. Also, be sure to comment on other people's blogs and they will come back to yours! See...I did!!

princessmimi said...

Thank you elleabelle...I will try the "follow me" thing. I appreciate your help and really appreciate your visit!!!!!