Monday, October 6, 2008

Why hairbow holders???

Many people have asked me how I came up with the idea for the hairbow holders I make. To be honest, it was an attempt to get back to my pre-pregnancy, slightly obsessive-compulsive ability to organize. My firstborn arrived with a head FULL of hair. She was 3 weeks late and took over 3 1/2 hours of pushing to enter the world. The doctor's joked that she was having her hair done and that is what took her so long! Immediately, I was overwhelmed with clippies, bows, headbands, etc. I couldn't keep it all together and certainly couldn't find any two clippies that were alike even though I was positive that they all came in sets of two! And she always needed two to try to tame that head of hair!!!

The idea of the barrette board (as it was originally called) was born! I decided that I wanted to make something functional yet decorative, something that would let me SEE all of those hair accessories all at once. I had so much fun figuring it out. Learning what would work and how to put it all together. The first hairbow holder was rough. It was just a bunch of ribbon wrapped around a board. But, with input from friends and family, it evolved. Eventually friends wanted one, then friends of friends wanted one. I started having more and more fun finding fabrics and fabric combos, finding ribbons, layering ribbons. I figured out how to have them personalized (a great embroiderer and fellow mommy crafter helped -- and found pretty ways to hang them. And now, I think every little girl (and mommy!) should have one!

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